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All Generations Participating as Citizen Diplomats 
 Online Sept.21st UN's International Day of Peace
Petition Of Hope Campaign 2016
             "KNOW WHAT'S IN IT"   ​
​                Summer of Love International, Inc in 2017 Celebrates Summer of Love's 50th Anniversary 
​                                                  1967-2017 Partnering for the Public's Benefit
​    "KNOW WHAT'S IN IT" TV From Global Garden Projects, Inc. Hope and Beyond, Inc.public benefit projects

   2015 September 21st "KNOWS WHAT'SIN IT" TV Celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace                           Live broadcast from San Francisco the 1948  Birth Place of The United Nations                     

           Look for late-Summer 2015 all generations participating Multi-Media Edutainment Broadcasts                          Summer of Love International, Inc is a volunteer supported public benefit events 501(c)(3) NGO. 

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          Earth Day in San Francisco 
                April 22 and Beyond 
  Hope and Beyond Students in Service 
   with the " Petition of Hope Campaign" 
          visit Residents and Staff at
        San Francisco's Lunga Honda
  Rehabilitation and Senior Care Hospital 
                aka  "GODS Hotel"
            Earth Day 2015 COMING
  Hope and Beyond video shorts below
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 < Petition of Hope video at 
Hamilton Air Force Base Museum

Citizen Diplomacy Archival 1988  
San Francisco Food Bank Thanks
  The Public Benefit Event Team
         Thank you letter to Summer of Love 
from San Francisco Food Bank 1987-88   

     Summer of Love International, Inc 
        a 501 (c)(3) Educational NGO 
  in 2017 joins Hope and Beyond Projects
        and "Know What's In It.TV" from
              Organic Fresh .org, Inc.
        Initiating in the Spring of 2017 
   The Public Benefit Mission to Provide
       Awareness Projects Focused on
    Health Maintenance, Environmental  
        & Human Life Sustainability!
       See Project Videos at Earth Day San Francisco and Toxic             Bio-Accumulation of GLYPHOSATE "KNOW WHAT'S IN IT"